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Top 20 [Most Popular] Marketing Automation Software Solutions

I have been using Infusionsoft for four years now… I have also set up Marketo, OfficeAutoPilot, HubSpot and other systems for my clients over the years.

Infusionsoft has become very powerful and the usability has improved tremendously.

For 90% of the small businesses out there, Infusionsoft is the best solution. Even if money was not an object, I would still choose Infusionsoft over Eloqua (and Eloqua costs about 8 times more money). The reason is simple, Eloqua, like many other marketing automation platforms, doesn’t have a CRM, Affiliate Module, Order Forms and Shopping Cart. It’s kinda like having a sick whip without wheels. Granted if you run a B2B business and your lifetime customer value is in the tens of thousands or more, you will likely want to spring the green for Eloqua and plugin SalesForce for the CRM piece. However, very few businesses fall into that bucket.

In my opinion, HubSpot is a waste of space at the moment. Why anyone would spend $400 per month for HubSpot (1K-10K list size), when they can get WordPress and Google Analytics for free, plus an Infusionsoft account and do 10X MORE and do it FASTER, still eludes me.

If you want to learn more about Infusionsoft, I wrote an article earlier in the year, the title says it all “The Most Important Piece of Software That We Use“.

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