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Three Deceptively Simple Steps to Complete Before You Make a Video Email

Before you exercise, you warm-up right? A warm-up routine improves your performance and helps prevent injuries. 

I've found a warm-up routine helps me create better video email follow-ups and reduces the need to do multiple takes. My warm-up routine consists of three deceptively simple steps. These steps help me relax, get focused and stay on-track.

Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts. Perhaps, you have a warm-up routine to share, a suggestion, or maybe a question?

About the Author William Franco

Will is the Managing Director of jiveSYSTEMS and creator of the Digital Handshake™, a digital version of a time-proven tradition that turns tedious follow-up into a closing conversation. Will’s a hands-on guy, with a decade of experience enabling sales teams to leverage video. Will's an instant catalyst for positive change, once you get to know him, you’ll completely understand why.

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  • Wink Jones says:

    Dear Will,

    Another wonderful short educational video, and yes, you do look both more professional and MUCH more believable in your nice shirt.

    I thank my lucky stars nearly every day that I hung in there long after I thought I should disengage from what has finally become Jive Systems. Your platform has now made me many hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased profits. Jive has become a “Big Boys” platform that us little businessmen can use to look at least as good as, if not better than many of the big boys.


  • Matt says:

    Great video blog, Will. Although nothing new from what you’ve been telling me for years. It’s incredible (once I understood this posture stuff) how bad my old videos look when I’m hunched over or leaning backwards. Just takes some reminding 🙂

    • Will Franco says:

      Once posture comes into your awareness, it’s a case of doing lots of recalibrations throughout the day. This enable you to feel your natural posture and as such raises your awareness when you’re out of wack. The tension gets released in the mind which is then reflected in the body. Next step, “get that elbow of yours off the table ;-)”

  • Eric Bobrow says:

    Hey Will – Another concise and useful piece that I’ll keep in mind as I create my own videos! Oh, and I like your nice new button-down shirt, it makes a difference. I imagine you might even feel different as you’re wearing it.

    • Will Franco says:

      I’m still getting used to the shirt. It feel unnatural at the moment. But everyone so far feels it’s an improvement. Thanks for the feedback.

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