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Do You Have the Right Video Workflow?

Dr. Vijaya Nair has a medical degree from the National University of Singapore. Completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School in Boston. And has a master’s degree in epidemiology (the branch of medicine that's dedicated to improving people's lives) from Columbia University.

For several years, she had wanted to use video. Clearly, not afraid to study but unable to find the right workflow. The time involved (and quality she could attain) drained her energy and the return-on-investment from the process.

After finding jiveSYSTEMS, the message resonated. She signed up for the fundamentals program to end the frustration.




  1. Start the camera, then get into position;
  2. Transfer the file to your computer;
  3. Trim the beginning and end of the file. 



  1. Start the camera, then start talking;
  2. No transfer needed;
  3. No editing is required.

For more detailed information on the setup, visit the equipment page.


By investing the time to learn the fundamentals, she can produce four videos in the time it would take her before to produce one.

Most importantly, Dr. Nair, like many graduates of the fundamentals program, says "Creating videos is simple and enjoyable now."

Find out what she has to say about jiveSYSTEMS:

Dr. Nair has just begun her journey. Are you ready to start yours?