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Personalized Video: A Sales Revolution [Workshop Summary]

AT&T recently announced plans to acquire TimeWarner. The $109B acquisition tells a powerful story about the future of media. Smart sales teams are getting in on the action by using "personalized video" to follow-up with leads and communicate with clients.


The Future of Media

Brian Stelter, a senior media correspondent for CNN, whom I cite at the 1-minute mark in the video introduction at the top of this post, reported that AT&T's logic for buying Time Warner is “The future of video is mobile, and the future of mobile is video." David Trainer, CEO of New Constructs LLC, an independent research firm, reported to Forbes "[The] $109B acquisition...not only passes [my] economic test, but also creates a combined firm well positioned for the future of media."

Bold moves by giants like AT&T send strong signals about the future of communication. YouTube, Facebook and Cisco1 all predict the same future, where video is the dominant communication medium.

Personalized Video

"Personalized video," is different from "professional video." The difference: personalized video is for sales professionals to use as part of a relationship-based selling process.

Silhouette (Regular Email) vs. Face to a Name (Video Email)

Slide 8 of 47 from the workshop slides above.

Personalized video solves many of the challenges associated with closing inbound web and phone leads by enabling you the to put a face to the name. Personalized video is also an effective way to sprinkle in those vital personal touches required to nurture relationships.

One personalized video sent immediately after a phone call with a new lead has proven to increase closing ratios by upwards of thirty-five percent2. A practice that's so powerful we've coined it the Digital Handshake™.

10th Anniversary Workshop

This month, we celebrated our 10th anniversary since inception by hosting a two and a half hour online workshop, attended by sales teams from around the world, in which we explain the Nine Building Blocks and Four Pillars of a High-Converting Personalized Video, as well as discuss "What Gets in the Way?" A big thank you to those of you who joined us. Conducting a live online workshop...doing polls and fielding questions in real-time, is [this is going to sound nerdy] exhilarating for us! We enjoyed the time we spent together immensely!

I've created this post for those of you who missed the workshop or wanted a recap of everything we covered. This post includes a video summary of the event (at the top), plus the (1) slides from the workshop, the (2) equipment we [usually] recommend, as well as a (3) video tutorial that will show you how to setup the equipment.

(1) Workshop Slides

Click-through the slides to see the content we covered during the workshop; or, download the slides to your computer.

(2) Equipment Recommendations

An illustration of the video equipment we recommend.

An illustration of the video equipment setup we recommend.

Many of you asked for more specific equipment recommendations. This is a challenging question to answer, as recommendations vary based on your office enviroment and vocation.

The most common equipment setup is comprised of a Logitech C920 webcam, Rode NT microphone, Prismatic Halo 14' ring light and stand. If your office is noisy, get a Logitech ClearChat Headset instead of the Rode, even though you will look a little nerdy.

Let's take a look at some of our clients, with the video equipment setup at their desk: 

Bobby Swartz's video conferencing equipment

Bobby Swartz, Doctor

John Duque video email equipment

John Duque, Vacation Rentals

Liana's video interviewing equipment

Liana and Albie, United Nations

Soraya Gutman's video email equipment

Soraya Gutman, (CEO) Brand Launcher

In the four photos above, John and Soraya are wearing headsets. Whereas, Bobby and Liana are using a USB microphone. Note how the headset changes the look and feel. You also get better audio quality when using a USB microphone like the Rode NT, but it's best to work with your environment instead of letting it become an excuse to miss an opportunity clinch a deal.

Photo of Will Franco using a Blue Nessie microphone

Me, without a headset

Photo of Will Franco using a Logitech ClearChat Headset

Me, with a headset

I have both a headset and a USB microphone, so I can record in a variety of environments. I also take my equipment with me when I travel.

Graph showing how "business professional" is the sweet spot for sales professionals

Slide 19 of 47 from the workshop slides above.

Using this equipment, you can produce a "personalized video" to a "business professional" standard, in less than five minutes. 

Business professional standard means above Amateur and below Professional. It's the sweet spot sales professionals should aim for—the balance between "production time" and "video quality" that maximizes your return-on-investment.

This equipment is also great for podcasts, screen recording and video conferencing.

(3) Set Up Tutorial

We send the how-to video (below) to new members prior to their equipment setup session as a primer. The video explains how to set up your equipment and covers the parts where people usually get stuck. I've added it here, as I felt it might come in handy for you.


Okay, so that about covers it. AT&T, Google, Facebook and Cisco all predict the same future, where video is the dominate communication medium. Smart sales teams are getting in on the action by using "personalized video" to follow-up with leads and communicate with clients. The workshop slides cover the Nine Building Blocks and Four Pillars of a High-Converting Personalized Video, as well as discuss "What Gets in the Way?" Plus, you've got an equipment list and set up tutorial. 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. 


  1. A couple of months ago, I published a video and article which includes a telling statistic about YouTube, as well as predictions made by Facebook and Cisco about the future of video, “What Do YouTube, Facebook and Cisco Have In Common?”
  2. In the largest independent study we know that’s ever been conducted on the efficacy of personalized video, Justin DeBoom, a travel consultant, reported a 35% increase in closing ratios by switching a regular email follow-up with a personalized video follow-up, "How Video Email Helped Justin DeBoom Increase His Closing Ratios by 35%."

About the Author William Franco

Will is the Managing Director of jiveSYSTEMS and creator of the Digital Handshake™, a digital version of a time-proven tradition that turns tedious follow-up into a closing conversation. Will’s a hands-on guy, with a decade of experience enabling sales teams to leverage video. Will's an instant catalyst for positive change, once you get to know him, you’ll completely understand why.

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  • Matt says:

    Great workshop, great hosts, great company. Congrats Will and Reed!

    • Will Franco says:

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks so much for being part of it!

      N.B. Matt was one of our guest speakers at the event. He’s using “personalized video” and getting some impressive results.

  • TeenaNH says:

    Great workshop! I cannot wait to get started as soon as the dust settles around here!

    In the meantime I’m going to watch any and all videos that the two of you have produced to see what I can learn from your style!

    Thank you!

  • Kathleen Gill says:

    Thanks Will for the follow-up to the workshop. It gives me a good idea of the “why’s” and “how'” of using video as an important sales too.

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