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The New Frontier of Business Communication

At the end of the year, we review the past year and contemplate the year ahead. We ask questions like: What is video email, How will it be used in the future, and What's next?


For ten years, we've been tapping sales agents into video email:

  • We've invested a great deal of time, love and money into our video email software and training methods.
  • The best practice of sending a video email after a first sales call has proven to increase closing ratios by 10%, 20% and upwards of 30%.
  • We've mapped the “Nine Building Blocks of a High-Converting Video Message".
  • And more importantly we've created a toolkit to enable sales agents to overcome “What Gets in the Way?”

But the business landscape is changing... We’ve realized video email is the tip of the iceberg! As technology improves, the use of video in business and our daily lives will become ubiquitous. So today, we’re (officially) shifting up a gear.

P.S. To learn about personalized video, the new frontier of business communication, watch the video at the top of this post. If you have a question or thought to share, use the comments section below.

P.P.S. For more information about the Nine Building Blocks of a High-Converting Video Message, check out our workshop summary. If you want to leverage video in your daily communications, enroll in our great one-on-one training program.

About the Author William Franco

Will is the Managing Director of jiveSYSTEMS and creator of the Digital Handshake™, a digital version of a time-proven tradition that turns tedious follow-up into a closing conversation. Will’s a hands-on guy, with a decade of experience enabling sales teams to leverage video. Will's an instant catalyst for positive change, once you get to know him, you’ll completely understand why.

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