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1-On-1 Coaching That Gets Results

Learn how to produce high-quality video, off-the-cuff and without editing, in under five minutes. Send video email, pull up your camera with confidence in a video conference, make videos for your social media, conduct live streams, create video blogs, video courses, and more...

Planning on training several agents? Contact us for a custom quote.

Plan #1: Basics

Eliminate the headaches and hassles that come with figuring it out on your own. Have us select your equipment, help you set everything up, and build your workflow. If you want to get up-and-running as fast as possible, choose the “Basics” plan.

  • Select equipment that’s suitable for your recording needs
  • Set up, debug and optimize your equipment
  • Design your workflow, then rinse and repeat the steps to drive them into rote memory

3-4 hours of 1-on-1 coaching

Plan #2: Fundamentals

Ready to look, sound and feel like the professional that you are? Then the “Fundamentals” plan is right for you. Get everything in the “Basics” plan + dial in the look and feel of your videos, as well as work on what you say.

Everything in the “Basics” plan, PLUS:

  • Implement 7 fundamental building blocks of a high converting video
  • Polish your workflow and put the finishing touches on the look and feel
  • Practice Scriptless Scripting™, then send a video to a real lead 
  • Learn fast-editing techniques to trim, splice, remove audio noise, add a logo reveal, and more...
  • After 30 days, review your results and fine-tune your process

7-10 hours of 1-on-1 coaching

Plan #3: Advanced

If you need to reach a distinguished level on-camera, consider the “Advanced” plan. We combine ALL of our “Basics” and “Fundamentals” plans, as well as 3 months of 1-on-1 coaching.

Everything in “Basics” and “Fundamentals” plans, PLUS:

  • Implement 3 advanced building blocks of a high converting video
  • Work 1-on-1 with Will Franco to create a recording environment, develop your image/style, and learn simple acting techniques you can use on-camera.

3-months of 1-on-1 coaching

Record Number of Appointments

In my first week of using jiveSYSTEMS, I set a record number of appointments and achieved 100% show rate to the first meeting. Many people invited me to their homes, instead of a public place. The video was a great conversation starting point and lead to my highest closing ratio in the first meeting.

UPDATE (Month Two): Will, if someone watches my video they are my client. It is simple at that. So awesome!

Bo Tran Bo Tran Insurance

Doubled MRR

I've garnered thousands of views on my blog, landed high profile speaking engagements, and doubled my monthly recurring revenue since I started using jiveSYSTEMS.

Matt Landau Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

4X increase in revenue

I've gone from $400K to $1.5M in sales per year largely because of video email and the jiveSYSTEMS team.

Wink Jones High Performance Diamonds

30% Increase in Close Rate

I am a relationship person, who believes that eyeballs and handshakes mean a tremendous amount. We market all over the country. I travel a ton, yet I cannot be there face on, hand out for the handshake, all the time. jiveSYSTEMS allows me to get my face in front of the client, share expression, show them who I am. I once heard a slogan, "it's the best thing to being there!" jiveSYSTEMS is the best thing to being there!

I have increased my closing ratio by 30% using jiveSYSTEMS.

Todd Swicegood CEO, SUNUP Insurance Services, Inc.

59% Closing Ratio

I've had some very concrete success since I started using jiveSYSTEMS. As an example, this month I am on course to hit my sales goals at a 59% closing ratio! In February, I closed the largest sale in company history. I could not and would not want to do my job without jiveSYSTEMS after having such substantial success so far.

Anastasia McCulloch NAMU Travel

35%+ increase in closing ratio

I've increased my closing ratio by 35%! I will officially be sending 100% of my itineraries out using jiveSYSTEMS.

Justin DeBoom NAMU Travel

But What about Equipment?

We're glad you asked. Let's take a look at what you'll need.

Budget $400 per sales agent for necessary equipment. You can find more specific information on the Equipment page. Recommendations vary based on your vocation, environment and goals. For your convenience, we can handpick and ship your equipment (at zero margin). A webcam is your base, then a mobile phone on a tabletop tripod, then we add in a gimbal. 

Advanced Software That's SIMPLE to Use

Designed from the ground up for working a pipeline of leads

HD Video Email

Video hosting by the best in the business, Wistia, so your video emails playback lighting fast and crystal clear. You can also embed video into email marketing platforms and your website.


Create clickable messages at the end of your video emails. Intentionally drive your leads to the next logical step in your sales process.

Viewer Heatmaps

See how recipients watch your videos using our unique viewer heatmaps. Gauge their interest and identify your hottest leads to close.

Instant Notifications

Get a notification email the instant a lead clicks play, so you can determine the best time to follow-up communication or even make a serendipitous phone call. 

PLUS, On-Going Support and Coaching

Dedicated support from our experienced and knowledgeable team

10X Support

Our video coaches are cross-trained in business, sales, and marketing. When you contact us, you will get timely and thought out responses.

Ongoing Coaching

You also get ongoing sales acceleration coaching from our knowledgeable team. Think of us as an extension of your team.

Team and corporate pricing available: 1 user $97 per month, 2-9 $67, and 9+ $47.