Take Leads From "Lukewarm" To "Red Hot"

"One well-timed video email is all it takes!"

We’re surprised that sales professionals still believe video is only for the folks in their marketing department.

And those same sales professionals complain that follow-up is a grind. They’re leaving some much opportunity on the table. Because one well-timed video email is all it takes to turn tedious follow-up into a closing conversation.

Membership Includes

Initial Training Program

1) Equipment and Pinpoint

Address any special equipment needs and pinpoint the single best stage in your pipeline for video email.

Duration: 30 minutes

2) Setup and Workflow

Setup your equipment, document the ideal workflow; plus record and send a test message.

Duration: 90 minutes

3) Polish "Rinse & Repeat"

Record and send several test messages. Improving one aspect of the process or content each time.

Duration: 45 minutes

4) Hone Your Craft

After 30 days, review your results, polish your workflow and add additional styles of video to your toolkit.

Duration: 45 minutes


  • Cloud-based video platform with CTA messages and heatmaps
  • Rinse and repeat workflows that deliver consistent results!
  • Email and reasonable phone access to Will Franco


  • $395 one-time for your initial training. Four 1-on-1 training sessions with Will Franco (see outline above).
  • $97 per month for access to our video email and hosting platform, PLUS on-going sales acceleration coaching.

Real People. Real Results.