Turn Tedious Follow-Up into a Closing Conversation

"One well-timed video email is all it takes!"

Video for Sales Pros

Many sales professionals believe "video" is only for their in-house marketing department. Yet they complain that following-up with leads is a grind.

These folks are leaving so much opportunity on the table, because with "One well-timed video email you can turn tedious follow-up into a closing conversation."

How Video Accelerates Trust

"Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust. Nothing is as profitable as the economics of trust. Nothing is as central to leadership as relationships of trust. It truly is the one thing that changes everything." —Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust.

There are many ways to build trust. None more powerful than tapping into the time-proven tradition of giving someone the opportunity to look you in the eyes, while you shake their hand and begin a relationship. When you overlook this important gesture, follow-up becomes a struggle.

This is why we dubbed sending a video email (of you) immediately after every first phone call with a new lead, a Digital Handshake™

Like the name implies, it’s the digital form of a traditional handshake—a handcrafted video email, designed to put a face to the name, immediately after your first phone conversation.

The Trend Towards Video is Clear

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Facebook predicts that in the next five years, Facebook “will be definitely mobile, it will be probably all video.” Cisco reported in June 2016, that “Globally, IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all IP traffic (both business and consumer) by 2020.”

Whether you are involved in Sales or Non-Sales Selling, video is the medium of communication you should be using if your goal is to influence others.

Putting Video to Work for You

The Challenge

There's a sea of information out there you need to wade through that ranges from: holding your cell phone at arm's length and taking a selfie that never ends; to using a GoPro or DSLR camera (which can be complicated and time-consuming).

"We Get It..."

(1) You need to be able to produce videos that are congruent with your brand and professional image, and (2) When you're working a pipeline of web and phone leads, every second counts! 

For a video [of any kind] to work, it needs to be "quick and easy" without compromising your professionalism. This is precisely why we do not recommend cell phones, GoPros or DSLR cameras. Even the iPhone 6s Plus can’t beat a webcam workflow based on those terms.

"...And We've Got You Covered"

We'll show you how to create business professional videos, in five minutes flat [no teleprompter or editing required]! Videos that will transform you from “just another voice on the end of the telephone” into an "authoritative, memorable, and trustworthy face."

Note: The program outlined below is for an individual sales professional. If you’re a sales director looking to enable your team, contact us.

How to Get Started

Initial Training

Upon completion, you'll be able to create business professional video emails. We eliminate the guesswork—all you need to do is show up!

1) Pinpoint

We'll ask you some questions to learn about how your pipeline works, choose equipment that suits your environment and vocation, and pinpoint the single best stage in your pipeline for video email.

Duration: 30-50 minutes

2) On-Camera Pro

Learn the nine fundamental building blocks of a high-converting video message. Plus, the best practices associated with the Digital Handshake™.

Duration: 30-50 minutes

3) Set Up Your Equipment

We'll walk you through how to set up your equipment, install the necessary software for you to record videos, and then we'll document your ideal workflow.

Duration: 50-90 minutes

4) Polish "Rinse & Repeat"

We'll record and send several test video emails together, improving one aspect of the process each time. By the time we've completed this session, recording a video will be easier than sending a regular email.

Duration: 50 minutes

5) Hone Your Craft

After thirty days, we'll review your results, polish your workflow and add a new style of video to your toolkit (e.g. video blog posts, video courses and screencasts).

Duration: 30-50 minutes

Simple Software

Our platform is built from the ground-up for working a pipeline of leads. We eliminate the head-wreck that comes with learning a new skill and implementing a new technology—we focus solely on a single-track "rinse and repeat" workflow that increases your "closing ratios" and reduces your average "days to close."

FULL HD Video Email

Video hosting by the best in the business, Wistia, so your video emails playback lighting fast and crystal clear. You can also embed video into email marketing platforms and your website. 


Create clickable messages at the end of your video emails. Intentionally drive your leads to the next logical step in your sales process.

Viewer Heatmaps

See how each recipient watches your video email, using our unique viewer heatmaps. Gauge their interest and identify your hottest leads to close.

Instant Notifications

The instant a lead clicks play, get a notification email, so you can determine the best possible time to send a follow-up communication, or even make a serendipitous phone call. 

Support and Coaching

Top notch support and on-going coaching is paramount to the successful implementation, adoption and maintenance of a new piece of technology or skill. Our knowledgeable team makes the process of continual improvement low impact and enjoyable. 

10X Support

Our support team are cross-trained in business, sales and marketing. You will get timely and well-thought-out responses, when you email support. We're also available by phone and screenshare. We exist to keep you in the sales saddle.

On-Going Coaching

Get on-going sales acceleration coaching from our knowledgeable team. Learn rinse and repeat video production workflows that deliver consistent sales results. Think of us as part of your extended team.


We'll hand pick and ship the following equipment to you: 

  1. Webcam
  2. USB Microphone
  3. Ring Light + Stand

To see how each piece of equipment affects the quality of your video, check out this post "The Ultimate Video Production for Sales Pros."

This equipment can be used to create video emails, video blog posts, video courses, screencast narrations and more! 

Webcam, Microphone, Ring Light, Stand/Tripod

Join the Sales Acceleration Club!

Video Check

Improve your video emails

I would like know how I create better videos faster. We'll review your archive, equipment and workflow, then provide you with our analysis.

$250 one-time

Let the tuning begin.

Full Membership

I'm with you! Show me the way

I would like to go through the initial training and use your awesome video email software. Plus, I want full access to 10X support and on-going coaching.

$995 one-time

+ $97 / month

You've made a GOOD decision 🙂

Training Only

I want to get trained

I would like to go through the initial training program. Show me how to create high-converting video email messages.

$995 one-time

Let's get you trained.

Equipment: For your convenience, we hand pick and ship equipment best suited to your environment and vocation. Equipment costs range from $400-$500; we operate on zero-margin! The cost of initial training is $395. Any remaining funds will be credited to your account. 

Note: We do NOT allow mass mailing! Our software and techniques are designed for professionals who send targeted communications, to individuals and small groups, at pivotal moments in the sales process. We have a turnkey integration with all the popular email marketing platforms, so you can turbocharge marketing communications with video, for those of you who wear both the marketing and sales hat. 

Real People. Real Results.

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