Take Leads From "Lukewarm" To "Red Hot"

"One well-timed video email is all it takes!"

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to outline and produce compelling video messages.

Videos that will increase your "closing ratios" and reduce your average "days to close".

Videos you can produce and send in five minutes or less (no teleprompter or editing required).

The program outline below is for an individual sales rep. If you’re a sales manager looking to enable your team, contact us.

Our Method

Our method is to create "speed and simplicity" in the production process without compromising professionalism. This is why we do not recommend cell phones or DSLR cameras. Even the iPhone 6s Plus can’t beat the Logitech C920 webcam based on those terms.


You must purchase (or own an equivalent) of the following equipment:

Video equipment: Logitech C920, Manafrotto Tripod, Blue Nessie Microphone, Prismatic Ring Light

Equipment recommendations vary based on your office environment and vocation.

See for Yourself

Watch the video below to see the quality that can be achieved with the equipment above:


Curious about my choice of t-shirt? Click play.

Don't expect to achieve this level of quality with your laptops built-in webcam pointing up your nose, or by holding your cell phone at arms length and taking a selfie that never ends. Although we're not implying you need to make a Hollywood production. But, you will get out what you put in.

Invest the time to learn to how the leverage the technique and the best practices associated with it, and you will increase your "closing ratios" and reduce your average "days to close".

Training Program

One-on-One Mentoring

1) Equipment and Pinpoint

Address any special equipment needs and pinpoint the single best stage in your pipeline for video email.

Duration: 30 minutes

2) Setup and Workflow

Setup your equipment, document the ideal workflow; plus record and send a test video email.

Duration: 90 minutes

3) Polish "Rinse & Repeat"

Record and send several test video email messages. Improving one aspect of the process or content each time.

Duration: 45 minutes

4) Hone Your Craft

After 30 days, review your results, polish your workflow and add additional styles of video email to your toolkit.

Duration: 30 minutes

Plus, Additional Training

  • The two video email blunders that will kill the deal
  • How to communicate effectively without a teleprompter
  • How to leverage CTA messages to close deals
  • How to use viewer heatmaps to identify your most qualified leads


  • $395 one-time fee for initial training program
  • Plus $97 per month thereafter
  • $25 per month to continue with training program only

After completing the initial program, some members’ choose to use YouTube, others services like BombBomb or EyeJot.

Many prefer our gimmick-free video software that’s built for working a pipeline of leads.

Whatever your choice, we’re looking forward to contributing to your journey.

Membership Includes

  • Cloud-based video platform, including call-to-action messages and viewer heatmaps
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth (never have to worry about overages)
  • Access to prove "rinse and repeat workflows" that deliver consistent results!
  • Email and reasonable phone access to Will

Get Started...

Email us the following information: 

  • Photos of your workspace
  • The number of new leads you get each day
  • The number of new leads you reach by phone each day
  • Current closing ratio
  • Current average days to close 

To get started, send the email to support@jivesystems.com; or, if you're tech savvy, feel free to take the fast-track.

Let's chat.


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