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Should I Upgrade to the Logitech BRIO Webcam?

Okay, so the Logitech BRIO webcam isn’t exactly brand new. We put it through its paces for a few months because new isn’t always better.


Picture Quality

The images below are unedited and the webcams are on full-auto. There is a small window to my right and overhead lighting; it's not bright but it's certainty not dark either.

No Zoom

With Zoom


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    Both struggle without excellent lighting.
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    Both are unusable without a ring light in my environment.
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    On the C920, the picture becomes blurry with zoom.
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    On the BRIO, the picture remains sharp with zoom.
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    The overall picture quality of the BRIO is better.

Logitech makes the best webcams available. Don’t waste time or money looking for a webcam that will capture a good quality picture in a moderate light setting.

To capture a good quality picture, your options are (a) hack it together with a desk light or (b) look like a pro with a ring light.

Why Zoom?

Look at the examples above, only this time compare the photos with “no zoom” to the ones “with zoom.” Which looks more professional?

Use zoom to crop distractions from the background.

For more information on video equipment for salespeople, visit the equipment page.


The BRIO's $200 price point is high. However, there’s a compelling case to upgrade -if you zoom- because the picture quality is better.

Pro Tip: The BRIO is USB-C but comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable. To plug it into a USB-C laptop without an adapter, use the Belkin USB-C to USB-C Cable (USB 3.1), or any other USB-C to USB-C cable that supports USB 3.0 or higher transfer rate and power.

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  • Mark says:

    Hi Will, thanks a lot for the review and the example images. What ring light are you using with the Brio? Can you recommend any brand/model? Thanks for you help an best wishes from Hamburg, Germany! Mark

    • Will Franco says:

      For home/office use the Diva Ring Light Super Nova w/ a Tripod is excellent! It’s the one I use. I like it because it dims right down for a video conference, then you can brighten up for a quick video follow-up.

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