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See Our New Video Platform in Action

Our new platform is built with Ruby on Rails. The term may sound familiar to you, it’s the same setup as 37Signals (the guys behind the wildly successful ‘and also bootstrapped’ project management

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Three Secrets About Video Email With Infusionsoft As My Current Employer

Coming from the world of video email and into the world of all-in-one sales and marketing software, I’ve had a unique opportunity to watch both technologies in action. What works and what doesn&...

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We Love Infusionsoft: Here’s One Reason Why

If you have a business and use the internet, you’ve likely heard of Infusionsoft. This post isn’t about listing Infusionsoft’s many capabilities. I’ve done that in previous posts

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Lay The Foundation for Success With Video Email

In the video below, I reveal the foundation for success with video email, which should be the first step in your overall web video strategy. It’s an easy step to do, that will enable you to generate

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Use a jiveSYSTEMS Video Email CTA to Schedule Appointments

Automate appointment scheduling with your most engaged prospects and clients, by using jiveSYSTEMS in conjunction with TimeTrade. This video is best viewed in fullscreen mode.

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Online Marketing Math: N + F = Trust

Few could argue that the Internet, and the marketing strategies being used by online businesses, have changed the way people buy and sell. They have also resulted in shorter consumer attention spans, and

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Infusionsoft: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Infusionsoft’s mission: “To create and dominate the market in “all-in-one” sales and marketing software for small businesses, with 100,000 customers worldwide.”

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5 Must-Read Posts about Infusionsoft

Are you curious about what Infusionsoft has to offer? Read these five posts to get a window into “if” Infusionsoft can benefit you and your business.

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