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2 Hacks + 1 Best Practice for Video Procrastinators

An Australian real estate group reports that real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos.

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Photo of Katie

How Video Email Helped Katie Increase Her Sales by 30%

Like many sales pros who excel at their job, Katie is focused on building relationships. Her responsibility is to connect with home-owners who potentially want to list their property with her company. As

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Spice Up Your Video Email Messages Using These 3 Techniques

One of the best ways I’ve found to learn is to go up the vertical, as opposed to looking at what your competitors are doing.

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Photo of Kent Davis with a Massive Softbox

2 Very Common On-Camera Issues And How To Fix Them

Last month, I published the first post in a series I’m writing, about one of the top players in the real estate industry here in Panama, named Kent Davis. In short, I went to his office, showed him how

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Liz making video email messages

1 Real Estate Agent. 2 Types of Video. “I can’t believe I went my entire career without this!”

Liz Larroquette’s conversation with a client usually starts when the individual is thousands of miles away, sitting on a couch surfing the internet for trustworthy information and investment id...

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One Decision. 5 Minutes. +35% In Sales.

Justin DeBoom sells vacation packages. He’s been the top sales rep at his agency for 3 consecutive years. He’s also an avid fisherman, goes on holiday at least twice per year and rarely works

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Photo of Ken

The EXACT Method Ken’s Using To Build Instant Rapport With Video Email

Ken Ferguson is a well-know recruiter in the IT field, with 30 years experience helping companies find and attract top IT technical and leadership talent. He’s been a member of jiveSYSTEMS since

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Panama’s Leading Real Estate Agent. 1 Video. “I Only Want To Work With You.”

You may remember a post I published last year, about Matt Landau, hailed as “the Tony Robbins of the vacation rental marketing space.”In case you missed it, here is the short version—I took Matt,

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Perhaps THE Most Underrated Way To Instantly Spark Winning Relationships With New Leads

As a long-time reader (perhaps even disciple) of Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing, I practice pretty much every tip he feeds my way. As a result, I’ve added many new tactics to my marketing toolbox over

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