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Are You Overlooking This Awesome Feature in Skype?

Skype launched in 2003.In 2011, Microsoft purchased Skype for $8.5B.The latest statistics, as of late 2015, clock Skype at 300 million users and three BILLION minutes of usage per day”.

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10 Rules for Success Icons

10 Rules for Success With Video Email

Smart sales pros are catching on. They're realizing video email is the edge they need to beat their competition. Enabling them to put the personal and winning touch back into their daily communications.

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Bug on left and graph on right (to indicated closing ratios decreasing)

The 4 Primary Reasons You’ll Fail With Video Email (Guaranteed)

You wouldn't use a hammer to put in a screw. Okay...I have, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea!A screwdriver works better!

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How to Banish Zombie Mode Forever, Using a Ring Light

"I'm not a videographer. I'm a sales pro looking for the best way to gain the all-important edge on my competition. For video to work, it needs to be simple and fast!"

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What Do Navy SEALs and Top Performing Sales Reps Have in Common?

Top performers in any profession (in both civilian and military life) have a strong command of their internal dialogue.However, in civilian life we rarely have to confront our internal dialogue (our

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The Most Crucial 10 Seconds of Every Video Email Message

You've done well. You've sent a video email to your lead and they've decided to click and watch it.Your probability of closing the deal has risen significantly.However, if you don't get the first

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Funnel Leading to Handshake

How To Turbocharge Your First Touch Email

If you’re involved in sales, chances are you talk to potential new clients on the phone almost every day. After each call, you send the client an email as a follow-up. Chances are you even have a canned

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6 Sales Magicians Who Close Big Deals In Less Than 60-Seconds

As video email is beginning to really take hold in the modern sales era, one of the most frequent questions I receive as the video email guy is:What do I say in my video email?My answer -- no matter what

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The 2 Transactions That Define Every Real Estate Agent’s Success

Every business has one or more pivotal transactions which success hinges on. In real estate, those transitions are: 1) Getting listings and 2) Selling properties.

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