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I got this message lat week from Lawrence, one of our members:

Hi Will. The system is working wonders for Big Mama’s Hot Dogs.

big-mamas-hotdog-stands1I’ve been so busy, I just had to “STOP” and “TAKE” the time to let you know. I created a video via your directions, on my new computer using the equipment you suggested and the results are 1000 times better now. Thanks for the tips… I know you work hard to give your “JiveTribe” members the best information available to succeed with Video E-Mail.

If any one else is having challenges, my suggestion would be to just tell them to take what you’ve already gave them and implemented that, one-thing after-the-next. I don’t know if I said that right or not. What I mean is “Start with the one thing you understand” and build from there. You also pointed out to me that this whole thing was 20% Knowledge and 80% Action. I think you even said that different. But I think you were saying, if I take 80% action on 20% of the knowledge I have about Video E-Mail Marketing, “I” will get some staggering results.

I hope that’s what you meant. Because that’s just what’s happening to me this season.

Thanks again.

Reliable Lawrence from Big Mama’s Hot Dogs.

In addition to the text email above, Lawrence also sent us a video email which I have included below:

At jiveSYSTEMS we make video email easy. We supply the software and the training. All you have to do is hit start, stop, and send.

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