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Constant changes in technology, consumer behavior, marketing trends and communication strategies, all play a role in the continuing development of video marketing software.

When enhancing the jiveSYSTEMS software for 2013, we’ve taken all of these into account, and now give you innovative features that include a larger widescreen format, post-roll call-to-action links, 360 viewer heatmap tracking, and more…


In this post we share details of the new and improved jiveSYSTEMS.

Video Email

While email marketing remains one of the most effective strategies for small to medium size businesses (SMEs), we know that video emails take those marketing efforts to a whole new level: significantly boosting conversions, brand awareness, sales and profits.

Video email enables you to put a face to the name; it helps build credibility and trust with your prospects and clients. So it’s hardly surprising that video email has become the tool of choice for businesses and marketers wanting to establish and build relationships with their clients.


Every part of our new and improved software is built around the needs of small business.

Large Widescreen Format

Many devices used to access the internet now feature wide screens. We now deliver your videos in the current web standard of 640 x 360, or higher if appropriate, based on your source footage and what the viewer’s device can handle.


Multiple Video Formats and Bitrates

Different devices can play only certain file types, resolutions and bitrates, which is why feeding the video in the appropriate format is important. Our intelligent software takes care of encoding your captured video into different formats that can be viewed on desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets, then automatically plays the file that is best suited to the viewer’s device and bandwidth.

You only need to record your video once and it can be distributed to a massive audience without the need for converting video files into different formats and worrying about other technical stuff.


This smart-encoding feature frees up your time, so you can focus on the green activities (i.e. making money or… maybe playing a round of golf!).

Post-Roll Call-to-Action Links

Every marketing message needs a call-to-action—it should encourage the reader/viewer to take the logical next step, e.g. to download more information or to go to a specific web page. It is ideally positioned towards the end of the message, and, in the case of video email, at the post-roll (i.e. immediately after the video finishes).


The jiveSYSTEMS video email software now features the incorporation of an actionable link at the post-roll—ideal for your call-to action messages. Configuring the post-roll using our software is easy, and because it is a separate add-on to the video, the call to action can be modified for each client or for a specific audience or market.

There is a debate on which type of call-to-action roll is most effective. For advertisers pre-roll is the best. For marketing videos, load inline can be very effective. However, for video emails and business communications, post-roll is the best because it doesn’t distract from the content of the message.

Email Templates

Creating a video email message from scratch entails some coding and web design skills that Internet marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs often don’t possess and are cost prohibitive to acquire. At jiveSYSTEMS, it is our goal to simplify tasks for our users, so we’ve created templates that are preconfigured and easy to use.

Two email templates are currently available: Low Key and Pro. The Low Key template has the characteristics of a personal conversation and is ideal for communicating to an individual. For a more professional touch, and mass communication emails, we suggest using the Pro template.


Embed Code for Websites and Email Marketing Systems

This is a new feature we are VERY excited about, because it has so many applications.

Videos are large data files that require substantial storage capacity, usually in the form of video hosting services like EZS3, EasyVideoPlayer and Vimeo. The great news is that jiveSYSTEMS is now a fully-fledged video hosting solution with built-in cloud encoding.

Basically, the embed code for websites and blog posts will save you money that you might otherwise need to spend on a separate video hosting provider. It is yet another way we are improving, not only to help you increase your sales, but to protect your bottom line.


jiveSYSTEMS is now your comprehensive video marketing platform. We solve your video marketing needs without costing you any more in additional services.

We mean it when we say “One price for everything (including new features, unlimited storage and bandwidth).” So, in addition to our cutting-edge software, we’re now also providing unlimited storage for video hosting at no additional cost to our members.

To incorporate a video in an email message through your email marketing system or website, all you need to do is copy the jiveSYSTEMS embed code.


Viewer Heatmaps

Measuring results after launching a video can be tricky unless your software can track viewer behavior. To help you determine the effectiveness of your video, we’ve added a viewer heatmap feature, which provides priceless information about your viewers’ activity throughout the duration of the video.


The heatmap identifies viewer behavior, including which portions receive the most views and replays and at what point the viewer stop watching the video. Heatmap analytics help determine whether your video message is effective; it is a valuable tool for developing or tweaking video messages to achieve the very best results possible.

Ongoing Coaching and Support


Our team is proud of the enviable place that jiveSYSTEMS holds with small businesses. We are unique in that we provide support as well as coaching to ensure your business benefits fully from our software – most importantly, we do not charge extra for the personal approach we take.

Not only do we provide tech support, we also help you with your marketing. We want to know about your business and show you how to leverage video email to improve conversions and generate more repeat and referral business, shorten your sales cycle and increase conversions.

We are very excited to introduce the new and improved software and service enhancements, and look forward to helping you solve the ‘question mark’ that is video, for you and your business!

About the Author William Franco

Will is the Managing Director of jiveSYSTEMS and creator of the Digital Handshake™, a digital version of a time-proven tradition that turns tedious follow-up into a closing conversation. Will’s a hands-on guy, with a decade of experience enabling sales teams to leverage video. Will's an instant catalyst for positive change, once you get to know him, you’ll completely understand why.

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