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How to Banish Zombie Mode Forever, Using a Ring Light

"I'm not a videographer.

I'm a sales pro looking for the best way to gain the all-important edge on my competition.

For video to work, it needs to be simple and fast!"


In this video, I'm explaining a simple lighting solution that I've come to rely on over the past year. Sure, it's not perfect, there's a bit of over-exposure on my nose and I'm sure a videographer could go to town picking out flaws.

But, I made this video in one take in about five minutes flat. I didn't use a teleprompter either. I used a common webcam, cheap tripod, USB microphone and light. These tools have a combined cost of $400 total (that's for EVERYTHING). Try and buy even a lens for a DSLR for that money and let me know how it goes!

To speed up trust in the sales process, being able to produce videos in minutes as opposed to hours changes the game! Mainly because you gain the ability to record a personalized video message for each new lead.

Photo of Equipment

I took this photo from where I was sitting in the video at the top of this post. So you can see what the setup looks like while you're filming.

Equipment List

  • Logitech C920 Webcam
  • Blue Nessie Microphone
  • Manafrotto MKC3-H01M tripod
  • Prismatic 14" Mini Halo Ring Light

This setup puts you in the drivers seat! You can create videos on your own, in just a few minutes. I use this setup to send video email, to create video courses and for video blogging like I'm doing here.

About the Author William Franco

Will is the Managing Director of jiveSYSTEMS and creator of the Digital Handshake™, a digital version of a time-proven tradition that turns tedious follow-up into a closing conversation. Will’s a hands-on guy, with a decade of experience enabling sales teams to leverage video. Will's an instant catalyst for positive change, once you get to know him, you’ll completely understand why.

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  • Eric Bobrow says:

    Will – I ordered a Prismatic ring light and am testing it now. Overall, I like the effect, and will probably ditch the 3 point softbox lighting system that I have been using since this new lighting allows me to frame the image better.

    Unfortunately the 14″ was out of stock so I ordered an 18″ version, which was more expensive. It’s also more bulky (of course) and so bright that I have to use the dimmer down at minimum setting. The other thing that I didn’t expect was that the “twinkle in the eye” from the ring lighting is more distinctly a ring of light; I compared my video with yours and can see my ring while in yours (being smaller) it looks more like a twinkling point (which is more pleasing). So I’m probably going to return the 18″ setup and buy the 14″ when it’s back in stock in a couple of weeks.

    Anyway, your recent series of posts is getting me poised for action – actually using video as a way to sell. I’ve done a ton of webinars with my face on camera in front of a white screen (your earlier design for a clean background) however I’m ready for the side angle look, which is more inviting for this type of communication.

    • Will Franco says:

      Hi Eric,

      I’m actually using an 18′, as mines older. The 14′ Prismatic is a newer version. The twinkle point is controlled by eye color and distance. My ring light is about 5 feet away from me. The side angle look (I feel) is more natural — the person can picture themselves in your office. I feel this creates a more personable feel for video email. However, I’m contemplating the value of a backdrop for video blogging and course creation. As I feel the bar is set higher for those videos. I’ll likely be using a backdrop for video blogging again soon.

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