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Tap into the Power of the Digital Handshake™

Proven to increase closing ratios by 35%1

What is the Digital Handshake™?

The Digital Handshake™ involves sending a video (of you) after a first sales call, so the potential client can put a face to your name. The video can be a one-off or an evergreen that you can re-use. The video can be embedded in a web page or, for a more personal touch, delivered as a video email.

Even at a glance, you can feel the difference between these communications.

The regular email feels canned and impersonal. Whereas the video email (even before your lead watches it), feels warm and authentic.

How Do I Create One?

Three quick steps:

(1) Record a video. (2) Upload your video to a hosting platform. (3) Send your video to an individual or group of people.

What Do I Say?

1) Introduce Yourself

For example, "Hi, I’m Will. I know it’s nice to put a face to the name..."

2) Recap Key Points

Recap the key points from your conversation. It helps to write the key points down, before you record your video. 

3) Talk About the Next Step

Remind them about the time of your next meeting, or the action you want them to take.

Examples from Our Members

(Feel the power of the Digital Handshake™ which creates a level of connection you just can't get from regular email or the telephone.) 


  1. Justin DeBoom tracked 1,361 leads over 13.5 months. After every first phone call, he sent one group of leads a normal follow-up email, and the other group a Digital Handshake™. The Digital Handshake™ increased Justin's closing ratio by 35%. For more information, check out the case study.