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DIY Projects, My Feral Cat and the Benefits of Recording through Fumbles

I’m an avid DIYer. In the beginning, I’d try to perfect every aspect of a DIY project, turning simple into complex. For instance, I set out to make a birdhouse and ended up making the equivalent of

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How to Reduce Ums and Ahs Without Resorting to a Teleprompter

Filler words have a tendency to occur more often—when you get in front of a camera. This is due to the absence of prompts to keep you on track.

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Three Deceptively Simple Steps to Complete Before You Make a Video Email

Before you exercise, you warm-up right? A warm-up routine improves your performance and helps prevent injuries. I've found a warm-up routine helps me create better video email follow-ups and

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The Most Crucial 10 Seconds of Every Video Email Message

You've done well. You've sent a video email to your lead and they've decided to click and watch it.Your probability of closing the deal has risen significantly.However, if you don't get the first

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Are You Using Theses 3 Powerful Non-Verbal Communication Techniques in Your Videos?

Did you know that over 50% of the information you communicate in your video is non-verbal?

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The Secret To Morgan Freeman’s Amazing Voice

The impact of audio quality on viewer engagement is constantly overlooked. The truth is that people will stick around to watch a video with a poor quality picture, as long as it has good audio.  In contrast,

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