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Bug on left and graph on right (to indicated closing ratios decreasing)

The 4 Primary Reasons You’ll Fail With Video Email (Guaranteed)

You wouldn't use a hammer to put in a screw. Okay...I have, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea!A screwdriver works better!

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The Most Crucial 10 Seconds of Every Video Email Message

You've done well. You've sent a video email to your lead and they've decided to click and watch it.Your probability of closing the deal has risen significantly.However, if you don't get the first

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Funnel Leading to Handshake

How To Turbocharge Your First Touch Email

If you’re involved in sales, chances are you talk to potential new clients on the phone almost every day. After each call, you send the client an email as a follow-up. Chances are you even have a canned

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6 Sales Magicians Who Close Big Deals In Less Than 60-Seconds

As video email is beginning to really take hold in the modern sales era, one of the most frequent questions I receive as the video email guy is:What do I say in my video email?My answer -- no matter what

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Spice Up Your Video Email Messages Using These 3 Techniques

One of the best ways I’ve found to learn is to go up the vertical, as opposed to looking at what your competitors are doing.

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Liz making video email messages

1 Real Estate Agent. 2 Types of Video. “I can’t believe I went my entire career without this!”

Liz Larroquette’s conversation with a client usually starts when the individual is thousands of miles away, sitting on a couch surfing the internet for trustworthy information and investment id...

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One Decision. 5 Minutes. +35% In Sales.

Justin DeBoom sells vacation packages. He’s been the top sales rep at his agency for 3 consecutive years. He’s also an avid fisherman, goes on holiday at least twice per year and rarely works

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Photo of Ken

The EXACT Method Ken’s Using To Build Instant Rapport With Video Email

Ken Ferguson is a well-know recruiter in the IT field, with 30 years experience helping companies find and attract top IT technical and leadership talent. He’s been a member of jiveSYSTEMS since

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Use a Webcam And This Sales Technique to Unlock Closed Doors Faster Than Ever Before

“It takes six No’s to get one Yes.” My mentor used to feed me this line over and over again. And through grit and determination, I played those numbers and ultimately prevailed like every successful

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