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3 Principles for Success with Video

Believe it or not, video is easy when you know how. Rephrased: video is easy when you apply the 3 principles outlined in this video.

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7 States, visiting 5 clients and 2 friends, in 2 weeks. My first-time, taking a deep dive with clients on-site in the past 4 years. In this video, I discuss what I learned: the three barriers salespeople

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How Video Email Helped Kim Harrington Cut His Sales Cycle in Half

Kim Harrington of Kestler Financial Services has sent over 1,400 video emails - that safely qualifies him as a power user. So, I asked Dave Kaminski of WebVideoUniversity to interview him to see what we

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Are You Prime Time Ready™ for Video Email?

After analyzing 1361 leads, Justin DeBoom determined that leads were 35% more likely to purchase if they received a video email. These statistics are impressive, but over the years we’ve realized salespeople

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Leverage Evergreen Videos as a Fallback

Due to several factors (e.g. camera anxiety, production time, and misunderstanding), there's a tendency to rely too heavily on evergreen videos. This tendency cripples the progression of production and

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Personalized Video: A Sales Revolution [Workshop Summary]

AT&T recently announced plans to acquire TimeWarner. The $109B acquisition tells a powerful story about the future of media. Smart sales teams are getting in on the action by using "personalized video"

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Three Deceptively Simple Steps to Complete Before You Make a Video Email

Before you exercise, you warm-up right? A warm-up routine improves your performance and helps prevent injuries. I've found a warm-up routine helps me create better video email follow-ups and

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How to Frame a Video Email

You’ll Change The Way You Frame Your Video Emails After This

A simple technique you can use to put your viewer at ease, while also increasing your powers of persuasion, is to frame yourself in the left or right third of the shot. 

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How Video Email Helped Justin Increase His Sales by 35%

Justin DeBoom tracked 1361 leads over the past 13.5 months.After every first phone call, Justin sent one group of leads a regular email and the other group a video email.

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