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The Beginning of a New Era!

I appreciate the kind words many of you have sent me over the past year. I had to disconnect to reconnect. Now I'm back and it's business time!The video above was made for members but I decided to share

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Don’t Buy a New Computer Until You Read This…

Warning: Don’t buy a new computer until you read this… USB-C ports are a nightmare for video and here why.

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Everything You Need to Know About Video in 2017

There's a lot going in the world right now: Trump, Bitcoin, Pokeman... I don't understand most of it, but I do understand video in sales. So I'm focusing on what I can do (in my own small way) to move

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The New Frontier… (Survey Results)

To kickoff 2017, I made a video about the new frontier of communication. At the end of the video, I asked viewers to fill out a survey and rate their level of interest in four recording methods. To

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The New Frontier of Business Communication

At the end of the year, we review the past year and contemplate the year ahead. We ask questions like: What is video email, How will it be used in the future, and What's next?

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What Do YouTube, Facebook and Cisco Have in Common?

Back in 2005, when YouTube launched, online video was the new kid on the block. Today, YouTube's video platform is the second largest search engine in the world1.

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The Skill That Will Define Your Future Is Staring You In The Face

One single skill has the ability to characterize the success of generation.

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Giant Corporation ‘BT’ Takes My Advice… Finally!

I’m pleased tell you that a few days ago, British Telecommunication (BT), a multinational corporation that generated $36 billion in 2013, finally took my advice. I wasn’t involved in the process,

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