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Use This SIMPLE Framing Technique To Look Like a Pro When Using a Webcam

Whether you are sending a video email, creating a video-based nurture campaign, or producing videos for your website or blog – you will get better results from your videos with this simple framing t...

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Kim’s Been Using jiveSYSTEMS For Over Half a Decade…

Kim is the national sales director for Kestler Financial Group. He and his team have been using the powerful jiveSYSTEMS Digital Handshake formula for several years. Find out what Kim has to say about

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Mark Imperial Is Closing Deals Using “The Digital Handshake”

“The Digital Handshake” is a proven way to increase sales and referrals.

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Learn How To Create Videos That Don’t Suck!

In the video below, I explain a simple method that will enable you to create engaging videos on the fly. In other words, without a script or teleprompter.

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Not All Views Are Created Equal That’s Why You Need Viewer Heatmaps

Not all views are created equal, which is why we created viewer engagement heatmaps so you can tell how each individual recipient watches your video email messages.

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See Our New Video Platform in Action

Our new platform is built with Ruby on Rails. The term may sound familiar to you, it’s the same setup as 37Signals (the guys behind the wildly successful ‘and also bootstrapped’ project management

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Three Secrets About Video Email With Infusionsoft As My Current Employer

Coming from the world of video email and into the world of all-in-one sales and marketing software, I’ve had a unique opportunity to watch both technologies in action. What works and what doesn&...

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We Love Infusionsoft: Here’s One Reason Why

If you have a business and use the internet, you’ve likely heard of Infusionsoft. This post isn’t about listing Infusionsoft’s many capabilities. I’ve done that in previous posts

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