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Why I Don’t Use a Teleprompter (And Why You Likely Shouldn’t Either)

Warning: If you have purchased a teleprompter (or are thinking about purchasing a teleprompter), please read this first. The goal of a teleprompter is to provide a scripting solution to those who want

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Anyone Who Makes Spelling or Grammar Errors In Sales Emails Needs To Give This A Try

To most sales professionals a “productive day” consists of making their quota of sales calls, as well as reading and writing hundreds of emails.

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Photo of the Pool and Beach at Sansara Resort in Panama

3 Ways The Beach Resort I’m Staying in Right Now Can Benefit From Webcam Video

I’m sitting on the beach, at what feels like just beyond the edge of the earth in Cambutal. At 6AM, I rolled out of bed, pulled on my swim shorts and dove into the ocean. Next, I slipped into my running

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3 Types of Edit-Free Video You Can Produce With a Webcam in Under 5 Minutes

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that video is “BIG!” If you aren’t aware, here are some stats to get you excited:

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The Excuses People Make To Not Create Videos (Including Myself)

This really happens. Folks become a member, send a few video emails (and get an awesome response), and then cancel. Seriously. And you’ll chuckle at what happens next.

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Video Email Equipment at My Desk

The Single Biggest Mistake EVERYONE Is Making With Their “Thank You” Pages

It’s said that “Manners maketh man.” But what have manners got to do with the efficacy of internet thank you pages? Answer: a lot more than you thought.

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When Video Email Can Be A Huge Success Or An Embarassing Failure

When working for one of my first mentors, I was tasked with cold calling through the entire mortgage license education section for the United States. I’d picked up the book for each state and then

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WTF Is Video Email?

When I tell people that jiveSYSTEMS is a pioneer in the world of video email, they often ask, “just WTF is video email anyways?” The phrase “video email” sounds deceptively simple

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How To Unfairly Hack The Traditional Follow-Up Email

The vast majority of online sales advice is about acquiring leads. But I’ve found a severe lack of quality information on nurturing those leads and perhaps the biggest component of that nurturing process:

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