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Are you curious about what Infusionsoft has to offer? Read these five posts to get a window into “if” Infusionsoft can benefit you and your business.


In short, Infusionsoft is a marketing and e-commerce platform. The beauty, it’s an all-in-one solution. Now don’t get carried away, no tool does everything. Infusionsoft does do most things: email marketing, order processing, shopping cart, referral partner program and more. That is the real beauty of the solution!

We’ve been using Infusionsoft since 2008. Over that time period, we have had some ups and some downs, which is to be expected. No piece of software is a magic bullet and no software works properly 100% of the time.

Overall, Infusionsoft is a phenomenal solution for entrepreneurs and small business owners who what to grow their business. By using the application, you can build intelligent automation to support you, as opposed to increasing the size your staff. This will save you thousands of dollars if you achieve even a modest level of success, and that is before looking at the multichannel marketing campaign builder.

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Infusionsoft’s Drag-And-Drop Campaign Builder

infusionsoft-visual-campaign-builderYou can build campaigns visually in Infusionsoft. It works just like creating a flowchat. The process of building and executing intelligent nurture campaigns has never before been this easy! If you can draw on a piece of paper the type of campaign you want to execute (e.g. send this email when they buy Product A, promote Sally to call them, send these 8 emails two days apart), you can build it in Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

infusionsoft-marketing-automationI was one of the first few people to get certified as a consultant on their software. I have two applications, one for each business. I also manage both my applications, with no outside help. I don’t have any special skills or knowledge. I just dived in head first and figured it out. Today it is much easier, they have a dedicated team of success coaches to guide you through the setup process.

Top 20 [Most Popular] Marketing Automation Software Solutions

Top-20-Marketing-Automation-Software-Solutions1For 90% of the small businesses out there, Infusionsoft is the best solution. Even if money was not an object, I would still choose Infusionsoft over Eloqua (and Eloqua costs about 8 times more money). Numbers don’t lie either. Infusionsoft has, by far, the most users of any marketing and e-commerce tool on the market, and they are the only true all-in-one. HubSpot and Eloqua can’t do CRM or process credit cards. You need to purchase additional third-party applications to do that with those systems.

The Most Important Piece of Software That We Use

infusionsoft-marketing-automationIn the modern world, the tools may not make the person, but they do play a major role in how far they can go and how quickly they can get there. I don’t think we would still be in business today if we didn’t use Infusionsoft. The application has enabled us to keep our operating costs down, while increasing our reach. The Infusionsoft staff and community have also shared a wealth of knowledge with us about automated marketing.

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Is Infusionsoft Right For Your Business?


I’ve been on both sides of the fence, doing business with and without Infusionsoft. I have also migrated businesses in to and out of Infusionsoft. In this article, I present both sides of the case, so you can weigh what is best for “your business”. I’m known for being a straight shooter and this post is not an exception to the rule. I lay out the pros and cons, and the options you have to consider.

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