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1 Real Estate Agent. 2 Types of Video. “I can’t believe I went my entire career without this!”

Liz making video email messages

Liz Larroquette’s conversation with a client usually starts when the individual is thousands of miles away, sitting on a couch surfing the internet for trustworthy information and investment ideas.

As an indicator of interest, the client either fills out a form on Liz’s website or directly sends her an email to request more information. It’s the typical setup for real estate and many other sales positions.

Being the savvy saleswoman she is, Liz knows that when a client requests information like this, what they’re really doing is extending their hand and saying “Why should I trust you?

So as fast as she can, Liz pops off an email requesting their telephone number with the goal of getting the client on the phone (where she knows she has a better chance of building rapport).

Using this sales style, Liz has earned the trust of hundreds of retirees and investors over the past decade.

But There’s This One Hitch…

As Panama has evolved over the years, the market has become more competitive.

While there are indeed more buyers, Liz has to work harder to get in-front of her clients, because now there are lots more sales agents selling precisely the same thing.

So she began searching for the best way to “cut through the noise” — looking for a competitive advantage (one that doesn’t involve hundreds of thousands of dollars on a branding and lead acquisition campaign).

Liz Implements Video Email

Like Panama City real estate guru Kent Davis, Liz chose to use video email follow-ups to build trust and rapport with her prospective clients.

She’s currently opting for two types of video email message:

1. Customized Per Client

After a first interaction with a client, be it via email or phone, Liz will sit down and film, then send a short personalized video email message, to put a face to the name. She’ll summarize what they talked about, smile and say “look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Here’s one of those video email examples:

Liz Video Email Example

2. Customized Per Project

On her website, Liz has information packs available for the different projects she represents. When someone fills out a form, they automatically receive the information pack PLUS a pre-filmed video that’s customized around that particular project (triggered by her marketing automation platform).

Here’s an example of this:

From filling out a form to a personalized (yet evergreen) video email message


Another Video Email Example

Here’s the actual video email message (if you’re curious)


In case you wanted to see the comparison, here’s what the Royal Palm response (for the info pack) looked like before (impersonal and boring plain-text):


Here’s When Things Get Exciting

Liz creating video email messages at her deskOne of the unique benefits of sending video email is that users, like Liz, can track the engagement of their recipient.

As an example, take the personalized video (#1 above) sent to a couple in the United States.

Liz was able to see in her dashboard that they watched the video a total of three times, on three separate days.

Here’s the actual screenshot of the heatmaps Liz can then analyze in her jiveSYSTEMS account:

Unique jiveSYSTEMS video email heatmaps

While you can’t track them on an individual basis, Liz gets very similar results from her evergreen video email messages as well.

People instantly email back requesting more information, saying: “Wow! I feel like I already know you. What size is the / what price is the X unit?

My question to you? Are results like this worth you admitting to yourself, you’re likely a little put off about getting in-front of a webcam? Chances are, like Liz, you’ll find it easier than you think.

About the Author William Franco

Will is the Managing Director of jiveSYSTEMS and creator of the Digital Handshake™, a digital version of a time-proven tradition that turns tedious follow-up into a closing conversation. Will’s a hands-on guy, with a decade of experience enabling sales teams to leverage video. Will's an instant catalyst for positive change, once you get to know him, you’ll completely understand why.

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      Hi Steve,

      We intentionally don’t display volume controls (to keep things simple). It’s set to 70 by default. You can use your devices volume control, as the master volume.

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