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Supercharge Your Follow-Up

Hi, I'm Will Franco. I'm the creator of the Digital Handshake™. At JIVESYSTEMS, the approach to video is simple, fast and effective. Our clients love working with us because we remove the guesswork and deliver results. You can see our videos and learn more under the "Free Resources" and "Blog" tabs in the top menu on this website.

Let's work together to supercharge your sales process with video.

Upgrade Your Communication Toolbox

You can use video to put a face-to-the-name after a phone call (aka Digital Handshake™), recap a crucial conversation, answer a difficult question, and more... The benefits go far beyond beyond a face-to-the-name.

Refined over a decade, our dynamic, instructor-led program removes all the obstacles that get in the way, while giving you the skills to create video content for almost any purpose.

You'll learn the principles of rapid-content creation and gain an unprecedented advantage to nurture relationships.

Even at a glance, you can feel the difference between these communications. The regular email feels canned and impersonal. Whereas, the Digital Handshake™ (even before your lead watches it), feels warm and authentic.

Training Outcomes

There are three main benefits to completing my training program:

  • Look and sound professional on-camera (including in a video conference)
  • Record in-the-office (using a webcam and/or screen-recording application) or on-the-go (your cell phone)
  • Outline and ad lib a video on-the-fly without a script or teleprompter using Scriptless Scripting™

You'll save a lot of time, money and frustration too! More advanced outcomes like Social Video, +Fast Editing, and Screen Recording are available upon request.

Hear What Industry Magnates Are Saying About Us...

...devotion to helping clients succeed...

William Franco is authentic human being with a flash and depth of rare genius. His devotion to helping clients succeed makes him a genuine healer and a natural nurturer. Will can speed your success and broaden your wisdom.

JIM CECIL  //  Godfather of Nurture Marketing

...create high quality video... make a personal connection...

Everyone knows that success in small businesses is built on relationships with people. As technology advances, it’s becoming easier and easier to leave out the human element. That’s why I am so excited about jiveSYSTEMS… they teach you to create high quality video that you can use to make a personal connection with your prospects and customers.

SCOTT MARTINEAU  //  Co-Founder of Infusionsoft