What Do Navy SEALs and Top Performing Sales Reps Have in Common?

Top performers in any profession (in both civilian and military life) have a strong command of their internal dialogue.

However, in civilian life we rarely have to confront our internal dialogue (our "self-talk").

Switching on a webcam or video camera is one of the few instances where we do.

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10 Rules for Success With Video Email

Smart sales pros are catching on. They're realizing video email is the edge they need to beat their competition. Enabling them to put the personal and winning touch back into their daily communications.

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The Most Crucial 10 Seconds of Every Video Email Message

You've done well. 

You've sent a video email to your lead and they've decided to click to watch it.

And your probability of closing the deal has risen significantly.

But if you don't get the first ten seconds right, "You'll trip and fall."

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Funnel Leading to Handshake

How To Turbocharge Your First Touch Email

If you’re involved in sales, chances are you talk to potential new clients on the phone almost every day. And after each call, you send the client an email as a follow-up. Chances are you even have a canned email response that you customize after each conversation.

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You’ll Change The Way You Frame Your Video Emails After This

A simple technique you can use to put your viewer at ease, while also increasing your powers of persuasion is to frame yourself in the left or right third of the shot. 

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6 Sales Magicians Who Close Big Deals In Less Than 60-Seconds

As video email is beginning to really take hold in the modern sales era, one of the most frequent questions I receive as the video email guy is:

What do I say in my video email?

My answer -- no matter what type of sales the person is in -- is "Whatever you say, don't say much."

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The 2 Transactions That Define Every Real Estate Agent’s Success

Every business has one or more pivotal transactions which success hinges on. In real estate, those transitions are: 1) Getting listings, and 2) Selling properties.

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2 Hacks + 1 Best Practice for Video Procrastinators

An Australian real estate group reports that real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos.

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Photo of Katie Bouldon

Katie Fixed The “Break” And Increased Her Closing Ratios By 30%

Like most sales reps who excel at their job, Katie is focused on building relationships with her clients. Her responsibility is to connect with home owners who’d potentially want to list their property with her company.

And as the years have gone by, her competition has become fierce. Katie has found herself working harder, longer hours in order to keep up.

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