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Video Email Platform

Send video email, embed video in email marketing systems, and embed video your website or blog. Get instant viewer notifications, create call-to-action messages, and see viewer heatmaps.

High-Value Training

Access to a curated library of training that ranges from getting your webcam setup to best practices (proven by our members around the world) that you can leverage to close more deals.

1-on-1 Mentoring

Email access to our Founder, Will Franco. Will has almost a decade’s worth of online marketing and video email insight on tap! Members say, “Access to Will has proven invaluable over the years.”

What’s The Word On The Street?

Using “jiveSYSTEMS” video email I take leads who contacted me – sometimes completely skeptical. Have never heard of me or seen me before – immediately send them a video email, establish rapport, and seconds later have them on the phone with me and am able to go right into a sale!

Mark Imperial,

Imperial Action

Real People. Real Success.

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