Do You Want to Dazzle Your Clients with Video?

Let’s agree, video gets results! The BIG QUESTION: Do you want to be one of the people getting results with video or still sitting on the sidelines at the end of another year?

If you want to dazzle your clients with video, consider my program because I guarantee results. I'm confident. You can confident too! Refined over a decade, my dynamic, instructor-led, learning environment gets you up and running and comfortable on camera in record time. 

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Ad lib a video using a bullet point outline 

  • Record with both a webcam and phone 

  • Capture your screen and webcam together

Plus, I'll work with you to identify the top three styles of video that will improve your results and get your off to to a rolling start. That’s my promise to you!

Take a Look at My Previous Graduates


Speed Your Success and Broaden Your Wisdom

Will Franco is authentic human being with a flash and depth of rare genius. His devotion to helping clients succeed makes him a genuine healer and a natural nurturer. Will can speed your success and broaden your wisdom.

Jim Cecil , Founder Nurture Institute

Record Number of Appointments

In my first week of using jiveSYSTEMS, I set a record number of appointments and achieved 100% show rate to the first meeting. Many people invited me to their homes, instead of a public place. The video was a great conversation starting point and lead to my highest closing ratio in the first meeting.

UPDATE (Month Two): Will, if someone watches my video they are my client. It is simple at that. So awesome!

Bo Tran , Bo Tran Insurance

4X increase in revenue

I've gone from $400K to $1.5M in sales per year largely because of video email and the jiveSYSTEMS team.

Wink Jones , High Performance Diamonds

30% Increase in Close Rate

I am a relationship person, who believes that eyeballs and handshakes mean a tremendous amount. We market all over the country. I travel a ton, yet I cannot be there face on, hand out for the handshake, all the time. jiveSYSTEMS allows me to get my face in front of the client, share expression, show them who I am. I once heard a slogan, "it's the best thing to being there!" jiveSYSTEMS is the best thing to being there!

I have increased my closing ratio by 30% using jiveSYSTEMS.

Todd Swicegood , CEO, SUNUP Insurance Services, Inc.

59% Closing Ratio

I've had some very concrete success since I started using jiveSYSTEMS. As an example, this month I am on course to hit my sales goals at a 59% closing ratio! In February, I closed the largest sale in company history. I could not and would not want to do my job without jiveSYSTEMS after having such substantial success so far.

Anastasia McCulloch , NAMU Travel

Doubled MRR

I've garnered thousands of views on my blog, landed high profile speaking engagements, and doubled my monthly recurring revenue since I started using jiveSYSTEMS.

Matt Landau , Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

35%+ increase in closing ratio

I've increased my closing ratio by 35%! I will officially be sending 100% of my itineraries out using jiveSYSTEMS.

Justin DeBoom , NAMU Travel