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A Radically Different Approach to Video
Designed for Working a Pipeline of Leads

Learn how to produce business-professional video, off the cuff and without editing, in under five minutes.

Foundation Skills

Build a strong foundation

Five 1-on-1 Sessions

  • 8 Building Blocks (+Scorecard)
  • Set Up
  • Workflow
  • Polish 
  • Hone

Video Software

  • HD Video Email
  • Call-to-Action Messages
  • Viewer Heatmaps
  • Viewer Notifications
  • And More...

$695 one-time

+$97 / month

Create a strong foundation for success with video.

Advanced Skills

Raise the roof!

All features of Foundation Skills

  • 3 Advanced Building Blocks

Three Rounds

  • Review and Discussion
  • Action List (S.M.A.R.T Goals)
  • Accountability Session

Budget at least $1,000 for props and wardrobe.

$2,495  one-time

+$67 / month

Work 1-on-1 with Will Franco to devlop your recording enviroment, personal style and on-camera skills.

(1 user $97 per month, 2-9 users $67 per month, 9+ $47 per month)

What does Foundation Skills include?

What does the monthly membership include?

What equipment do I need?