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Before/After (Anthony Capristo): Creating a Business-Professional Video Follow-Up

I rarely showcase our client's transformation. It makes me feel uncomfortable because I don't know how to approach the topic. But, taking clients from Amateur to Business-Professional standard is a major part of what we do.

So today, I'm giving it a go! I've got a rare glimpse behind the scenes for you.

Please forgive me if I don't use the right words. I've done my best to explain the process. And much of the WOW-factor is a result of Anthony's commitment to the program and desire to improve. He stepped up to the plate in a big way!

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How-To Produce Business-Professional Video in Five Minutes

A bad workman always blames his tools. A good workman selects the right ones!

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How-To Speak Extemporaneously On-Camera

In the ideal world, after a brief phone call, you would teleport into your leads office to continue the conversation. A video follow-up is the next best method; you can build trust, qualify your leads better, and enter a closing conversation sooner.

But a video follow-up will do more harm than good if you freeze, ramble, or trip over your words. Some of us manage the situation with a teleprompter or by memorizing a script. Others learn to speak extemporaneously on-camera.

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Leverage Evergreen Videos as a Fallback

Due to several factors (e.g. camera anxiety, production time, and misunderstanding), there's a tendency to rely too heavily on evergreen videos. This tendency cripples the progression of production and on-camera skills.

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Everything You Need to Know About Video in 2017

There's a lot going in the world right now: Trump, Bitcoin, Pokeman... I don't understand most of it, but I do understand video in sales. So I'm focusing on what I can do (in my own small way) to move the ball forward.

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How to Get More Traction from Your Call-To-Action’s

I’m hesitant to share this story because I don’t have all the details. But over the years, it's become more than a story—what I learned in this conversation has become an integral part of the way I communicate.

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The New Frontier… (Survey Results)

To kickoff 2017, I made a video about the new frontier of communication. At the end of the video, I asked viewers to fill out a survey and rate their level of interest in four recording methods. To learn about the results, watch the video at the top of this post.

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The New Frontier of Business Communication

At the end of the year, we review the past year and contemplate the year ahead. We ask questions like: What is video email, How will it be used in the future, and What's next?

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DIY Projects, My Feral Cat and the Benefits of Recording through Fumbles

I’m an avid DIYer. In the beginning, I’d try to perfect every aspect of a DIY project, turning simple into complex. For instance, I set out to make a birdhouse and ended up making the equivalent of a deluxe bird mansion.

Jest aside, as I gained experience with all these projects I came to the realization that investing more time doesn’t always improve the result.

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