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Digital Handshake™

Mimic the time-proven method of shaking someone's hand to begin a relationship.

The missing [and winning] ingredient in your sales process is YOU!

What is a Digital Handshake™?

The Digital Handshake™ involves sending a video (of you) after a first sales call, so the potential client can put a face to your name. The video can be a one-off or an evergreen video that you can re-use. The video can be embedded in a web page or, for a more personal touch, delivered as a video email.

How Do I Create One?

Three quick steps:

(1) Record a video. (2) Upload your video to a hosting platform. (3) Send the link to your video to an individual or group of people.

Examples from Our Members

(Feel the power of the Digital Handshake™ which creates a level of connection you just can't get from regular email or the telephone.) 

Real People. Real Results.

Philippe Le Baron Sales Productivity Coach

Experts at video email

jiveSYSTEMS are experts at teaching sales agents and teams how and when to leverage video email.

Gene Pospicil, CFP(R) Financial Advisor

Greatest innovation

jiveSYSTEMS may be the greatest innovation in my wealth management practice in the last 30 years.

Wink Jones Online Diamond Sales

4X increase in revenue

I've gone from $400K to $1.5M in sales per year largely because of video email and the jiveSYSTEMS team.

Dr. Jeff Rebarcak Chiropractor

Outstanding customer service

I've been in business for over 22 years and I've never come across another company that comes even close the customer service of jiveSYSTEMS.

Justin DeBoom Travel Consultant

35%+ increase in closing ratio

I've increased my closing ratio by 35%! I will officially be sending 100% of my itineraries out using jiveSYSTEMS.

Mark Imperial Marketing Consultant

Face to the name

I send new leads a video email to put a face to my name and establish trust. I'm then able to get them on the phone with me and go right into a sale!

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