Stuff We Recommend

Our own service, of course!

We teach our members how to significantly increase conversions by supplementing their plain text communications and auto-responder sequences with personalized and evergreen (reusable) video email messages. Our system leverages a rapid-authoring workflow straight from a webcam or flip style camcorder, and also creates a mini landing page with customizable exit links to make the videos actionable. In our experience, video email is the quickest and easiest way to create trust within the sales process, and when you have trust you have sales. It’s that simple!

The most important piece of software we use

InfusionsoftWe have been using Infusionsoft since late 2007. It is the backbone of our business. We use Infusionsoft to create web forms, follow-up sequences, process trials and orders, and also to manage all our prospect and customer data. For all intents and purposes, Infusionsoft is an all-in-one business management platform. Over the years Infusionsoft’s usability has improved tremendously and the system is more powerful than ever. For 90% of the small businesses out there, Infusionsoft is hands-down the best solution. Even if money was not an object, I would still choose Infusionsoft over the other systems on the market. Their new visual campaign builder is a game-changer for small business owners.

For creating: landing pages, launch funnels, and membership sites

We use OptimizePress to create our webinar landing pages. You can also create sales pages, launch funnels, niche style blogs, and membership sites (w/ a membership script). OptimizePress is a theme for WordPress and comes with easy to follow tutorials to get it setup. The system is simple to use and the pages are clean looking and effective. We have been very impressed with how the OptimizePress team has been improving the theme as well. Many other themes like OptimizePress have been popping up, but most are by infomarketers while OptimizePress is built like a real corporation with a team and a solid infrastructure that is built to last.

PremiseWe use Premise for content pages that we link to within emails and follow-up sequences. Unlike OptimizePress, Premise is a WordPress plugin (and not a theme). This means it can co-exist with your current theme (if you are using WordPress).  The system also comes with copywriting training and a built-in copywriting assistant which is worth the cost of the plugin alone. You can create  7 different page types: sales pages, content pages, pricing pages, email opt-in pages, video pages, tabbed scroller pages, and thank you pages. The system also comes pre-loaded with a ton of useful graphics that you can use to make your pages pop.

The best courses we have studied


If you want to learn how to create screencasts to promote your business, this is the course for you. In around 5 hours, Dave can take you from a newbie to a professional screencast producer. The tutorials are succinct and very easy to follow. Dave makes learning easy, but he doesn’t water anything down. He doesn’t teaches you how to make okay screencasts, he teach you how to make great ones with a crystal clear picture and sound – something that I feel many professionals still struggle to achieve. Dave is a gentleman and scholar in our book.

WealthificationMaking money is the easy part for most entrepreneurs; it is the stage where work starts to consume your life and you suffer from burnout that is the hard part. If burnout doesn’t get you, the next hurdle is the abundance of external forces trying to derail your success. Learn from someone who has mastered building and managing multiple revenue streams. This isn’t some bloated and complicated theoretical guide that is going to take you hours to study. The course is a succinct roadmap that reveals how to build a better business (in video format).