Shane MeLaugh: Outsourcing from SEO to Software Development

My good friend Shane MeLaugh has put together an excellent webinar about outsourcing. He is admittedly not an expert, rather an entrepreneur like me and you… who has been outsourcing large portions of his work and software development to 3rd parties (including overseas).

Don’t worry, he is not selling anything… this webinar is what I call “safe-content.” Don’t be a freeloader though… it’s just not polite or respectful. Shane is running a business, just like you and I. So, if you enjoy the video, “Like” this post on Facebook, or “Tweet” about it, using the button on the left-hand side, and make sure to check out Shane’s Blog in the “Learn More About Shane” section below.

Ultimately, Shane is leveraging the law of reciprocity, not crappy fear based marketing tactics like so many online marketers do. This is a process known as paying it forward and it’s how I believe all good marketers do business.

Enjoy the presentation:

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Shane lives in Zurich, Switzerland. He and I became friends about 4 months ago. I found one of his blogs and really liked the content. I emailed him to connect, stating we were on similar paths and should mastermind together every couple of weeks. Since then, we have come to call each other friends. Shane was sharp, and recognized that I was methodical in the way I built our relationship. He asked me one day, so I wrote a post about it in my notebook, How To Build a Mastermind Network.