Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders and Organizations Inspire Action

In this talk, Simon Sinek reveals his astounding discovery: he has codified why companies succeed, where others with even greater resources fail.

Once grasped and applied, the concept that Simon reveals will be a “pillar of geometric growth” (PGG) for you and your company. The more PGGs you establish at the foundation of your business, the greater and more enduring your success will be.

“People Do Not Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It”

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Take Action and Implement

Think about why you do what you do… what is the purpose / why do you exist? Ask that question on a personal and business level. Do you communicate that message to your friends, colleagues, customers, and prospects?

  • Gail Doby

    Very interesting…I love TED!  It’s truly why selling fails…it’s about them, not us.  Thanks for sharing, Will.

  • Anonymous

    This is a very good talk.  Does anybody know what city this TED was held in?

    • Anonymous

      This was in Seattle, Washington. I think there’s more info on it if you google “TEDxPugetSound”.

  • Sander Aarts

    The comparison between the golden circle and the physical brain seems pretty random if you ask me.

  • Elisa Ferrari

    thanks for sharing this! It’s amazing.