Centeredness – Comes from Only One Place

ian post image“Centeredness comes from only one place, certainty.  Certainty comes from only one place, the recognition of a pattern.  Think about when you first started driving, you were not centered or certain because you didn’t know. You were not familiar with the patterns associated with driving, but after you became certain, now you are centered if you want to be.  Also, momentum is stability—think about yourself riding a bike, the faster you go forward the more stable you are.  Now as a centered being imagine yourself a gyroscope, a gyroscope is a still center with rapid change all around it.  The more rapid the change the more stable the gyroscope; what I am telling you here is that in order to get yourself absolutely centered, become familiar with the pattern of the unfolding of creation because the speed at which things are going to be changing will necessitate your understanding.”

-Ian Xel Lungold: Researcher, Speaker and Creator of the Mayan Calendar and Conversion Codex
Quote taken from “Welcome to the Evolution: Solving the Mayan Calendar Mystery.”

The evolution of technology is changing the way we live our lives at an ever-increasing rate!   For many, especially those of us involved in business, the world is moving by so fast that keeping pace can be exhausting.  Twenty years ago, email was an emerging communication medium.  The same can hardly be said of today.  And who knows what the future holds?  There is only one constant – change.  And we can be certain that change will continue at an accelerating rate.

This evolution has, and will continue to create a myriad of opportunities for the centered individual.   If you know yourself, you can be like a gyroscope; steady in the midst of change.

  • Protect your brand, and work to position it within the changing landscape
  • Maintain consistency with your message, so as not to confuse consumers
  • Step outside of your comfort zone, and utilize new mediums to reach the ever-evolving consumer, where they are

Becoming centered is as simple as understanding what you can be the best in the world at and then acting on it.  When you achieve this, you can rest assured that no matter how quickly the world changes around you, you’ll be ready and able to adapt.  You will see the world lucidly!

The power of centeredness is immutable.  Like a gyroscope, you’ll become more stable, in an increasingly dynamic environment.  You’ll be ready to leverage new mediums and channels as they arise, and you’ll be able to implement these initiatives in a consistent and constructive manner.


So if you haven’t already, get started!   Look into yourself and your business.  What motivates you?  What can you be the best in the world at?  What need or want do you satisfy for your customers?  Once you understand this, you will have achieved a condition of centeredness.