Three Secrets About Video Email With Infusionsoft As My Current Employer

Paul SokolComing from the world of video email and into the world of all-in-one sales and marketing software, I’ve had a unique opportunity to watch both technologies in action. What works and what doesn’t.

Its been a while since contributing to this blog and I wanted to deliver a little insight to help you power into the new year.

Below you’ll find three things I’ve learned about video email because of where I work now; these things can help your year get off to a great start. I consider these secrets only because if you actually use them (even just one), you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

To our newer audience, I’m Paul Sokol and have been working with Flywheel at jiveSYSTEMS since it started in 2008. After graduating college, the company was up and sustained so I left to find my own way and I ended up working for the software company we use to manage jiveSYSTEMS, Infusionsoft.

Flywheel asked me to write a little post reflecting on what I’ve learned in the past few years to help you out, so here it goes:

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We Love Infusionsoft: Here’s One Reason Why

If you have a business and use the internet, you’ve likely heard of Infusionsoft. This post isn’t about listing Infusionsoft’s many capabilities. I’ve done that in previous posts and will reveal more in future ones. Right now, what I want to do is share with you a video about what it’s like to work at Infusionsoft. You may be asking yourself “What’s that got to do with me? I don’t want to work there. I want to use their software to manage and grow my business”.

Just as past performance gives a strong indication of future performance, a company’s culture is a strong indication of the product they produce. In this case, it’s awesome sales and marketing automation software.

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