New Software – How Are We Doing?

We want your feedback. Watch the video below to find out what we are looking for (and get the inside scoop on some of the reasons we created the new software).

Thanks for watching the video. Please leave your feedback below. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

We Want Your Feedback

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Better Quality Video Emails with our Web-Recorder

We have made some improvements to our web-based video email recorder. Find out more by watching the video below.

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DebtFreeAcademy’s Custom Templates

A long-time member of jiveSYSTEMS video email, Tony “The Cash Flow CEO” Manganiello, is launching a new arm of his company. Tony asked us if he could brand our system with his logo and information.  We said “Don’t worry we got you covered”.

Our designers got to work on Tony’s custom templates right away.  The end result, we uploaded these puppies to Tony’s account for him to use when he is sending video emails through jiveSYSTEMS.


DebtFreeAcademy Video Email Snapshot

Video Template

DebtFreeAcademy Video Email Template

You can learn more about custom templates on this page.

[newsletter] April Rundown of What’s Hot

A quick run down on the new and most popular posts from the past month.

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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Infusionsoft - The Ultimate All-In-One Marketing SolutionInfusionsoft is the most important piece of software that I use. I have been using Infusionsoft for almost four years. I was also one of the first few people to get certified as a marketing automation coach on their software. I have two applications, one for each business.

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Video Email Ninja Tools

Video Email NinjaYou don’t need to rob a bank to purchase the equipment needed to produce good quality video. In fact, with nothing more than a Logitech C920 webcam which costs about eighty dollars, you can create professional looking video in record time. The new Logitech makes it easy!

3 Best Ways To Leverage Video Email

Best Ways To Leverage Video EmailWhen used properly, video email can dramatically compress the sales cycle, increase conversions, and improve customer advocacy. Discover the three best ways to leverage video email by watching this short screencast tutorial that Flywheel created.

3 Reasons Why Video Emails Fail

Fix Your Video EmailsLearn the top three reasons why video emails fail to produce results, and more importantly how to fix them. Ultimately, I have discovered that video email is best leveraged as a relationship building tool. Think of video email as the keystone in an arch, it has no purpose without the other bricks.

Web-Based Video Email Recorder

Web-Based Video Email RecorderWe simplified the interface of the web-based video email recorder by removing unnecessary buttons, along with making a couple of other important changes that will improve the quality of the videos that are recorded through the web-based video email recorder.

3 New Video Email Templates

jiveSYSTEMS (Video Email)We have updated three more video email templates in the video template library. I have created a quick screencast to show you the templates and explain the changes. All of these templates have the new smart exit links that only display if an exit link has been created for that spot.