About the Power of jiveSYSTEMS

When it comes to sending quick video messages with a webcam, our founder Will Franco (aka Flywheel) is one of the most experienced people on the planet.

Over the last decade, he’s clocked up nearly 1,500 training calls with small businesses and sales professionals.


And if the numbers were ever tallied, he’d be credited with hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales from just one of his video messaging strategies: “The Digital Handshake“.

Flywheel is a true video marketing maverick. And he’s going to help you become one, too.

Meet the Team


Paul Sokol has a master degree in electrical engineering and a passion for marketing automation. He is the co-founder of jiveSYSTEMS and has been Flywheel’s right hand man since the beginning. Blending video with marketing automation is his specialty!


Lance is Flywheel’s godfather. He put in the seed capital for us to launch jiveSYSTEMS. Lance managed a division of over 500 people for a national tabloid newspaper in England for many years. He and Flywheel talk on an almost daily basis, refining the vision and strategy for bringing our video marketing maverick movement to the world.


Benji is an internationally recognized entrepreneur with field-tested experience in website design, coding, graphic design, conversion rate testing, and online marketing. Revered for his achievements as an entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker, Benji has played a meaningful role in shaping JIVEsystems to be the impactful, user-friendly software it is today.


Jen has a background in industrial finance and she is also an analyst. She has been instrumental in helping us structure the company to support both growth and capital infusion. Jen has a talent for helping people and companies reach their potential. We are working diligently to implement Jen’s wise counsel.

So… Who Uses jiveSYSTEMS?

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