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We are so much more than a piece of software. When you join the jiveSYSTEMS community, you're getting access to a team of video ninjas who thrive on assisting people with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our resident video ninjas are exceptionally knowledgeable. They can help you with a great deal more than tech support.

Trusted By

Investors and Advisers

Lance Leonard

Lance is Flywheel’s godfather. He put in the seed capital for us to launch jiveSYSTEMS. Lance managed a division of over 500 people for a national tabloid newspaper in England for many years. He and Flywheel talk on an almost daily basis, refining the vision and strategy for bringing our video email software to the world.

Jennifer Casebier

Jen has a background in industrial finance and she is also an analyst. She has been instrumental in helping us structure the company to support both growth and capital infusion. Jen has a talent for helping people and companies reach their potential. We are working diligently to implement Jen’s wise counsel.

Michael Woodward

Michael is Flywheel’s father. He is one of the pioneers in the art licensing business. Michael’s company licensed over $600,000,000 in retail products from art licensing from 1979-2000. He has also produced two animated pilots for children’s television. Michael is retired for the most part now, but still represents a small group of clients.

Paul Sokol

Paul Sokol is a video email disciple with a strong passion for automated systems and marketing/sales. He has been Flywheel's right hand man for man years and blending video email with automation to create real relationships is his specialty!