In a Nutshell

At jiveSYSTEMS, we show sales professionals how to accelerate trust by using video email—even when they feel like they have a face for radio or aren't great with technology.

We do this by providing them with "rinse and repeat workflows" that deliver consistent results. Plus, access to our gimmick-free video software that’s designed for working a pipeline of leads.

A Glaring Disconnect

Founded in 2007, jiveSYSTEMS was created after Will Franco spotted a glaring disconnect in the modern sales process.

The time-proven tradition of shaking hands to begin a relationship had vanished. And when you overlook this important gesture, follow-up turns into a grind.

It was two years after YouTube launched. Will saw how, video combined with email, could create a digital form of the traditional handshake and prevent the disconnect from happening.

We’re hardwired to build relationships with people. Not voices on the end of a telephone. When you follow-up a first phone call using a regular email, you're not extending your hand to meet theirs.

Once made, the disconnect is hard to recover from. It’s why follow-up feels like you’re running uphill. Regardless of how polished your phone and regular email skills may be.

How to Reconnect

Video email gives you the ability to teleport into your lead's office. Specifically, a video email called the “Digital Handshake™”. Like the name implies, it’s the digital form of a traditional handshake—a handcrafted video email, designed to put a face to the name, immediately after your first phone conversation.

And it’s viewed as standard sales etiquette by those using it. Because adopting this one simple practice rectifies the disconnect and as a result turbocharges your sales process with the missing and winning ingredient which is YOU!

Regular Email vs. Video Email

Screenshot of Justin's regular email follow-up

Screenshot of Justin's video email follow-up

Even at a glance, you can feel the difference between these communications.

The regular email feels canned and impersonal. Whereas the video email (even before your lead watches it), feels warm and authentic.

Case Studies

Don't let rookies with no experience or personality beat you in sales!

Take "new leads" from "lukewarm" to “red hot” using the “Digital Handshake™” and the sales strengths you already have.