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Evie's Using Video Email

Evie B. Real Estate

Lawrence is Using Video Email

Lawrence S. Services

Tony's a Video Email Ninja

Tony F. Retirement Planning

Mark's Being Using Video Email for Almost a Decade

Mark I. Marketing

Lee's Using Video Email

Lee M. Coach

Ken's Using Video Email

Ken F. Recruiter

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How We Turned a Video Skeptic into a Raving Fan

Matt's Creating Videos for Using in EmailMatt helps vacation rental owners and property managers generate more bookings using various techniques online.

The CEO of the #1 App in the Vacation Rental Industry, Kirby Winfield, says Matt is:

“Probably the single most respected marketing guru in the vacation rental industry.”

In short, while you’ve likely never heard of Matt before, trust me when I say he’s a bona fide and globally recognized authority in the vacation rental space.

So, when I met Matt and noticed he wasn’t using video email, I made it my personal mission to bring him into our fold.

From Average Joe to Video Maverick

Tony's Video Email SetupTony Filippone owns Rockford Retirement Resource Center.

He helps families plan for retirement; Tony takes on new clients if and when there is a fit between what he offers and what they need.

Like many small business owners, Tony doesn’t do any real marketing. He grows his client-base through word-of-mouth by providing a quality service.

In the age of the internet, Tony’s continual looking for new ways to connect with his clients.

And few days ago, Tony asked me how he could take it to the next level with video email…

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