WTF Is Video Email?

When I tell people that jiveSYSTEMS is a pioneer in the world of video email, they often ask, “just WTF is video email anyways?” The phrase “video email” sounds deceptively simple (a video inside of an email, right?) But in this post, I’m going to give this art form some much needed clarity. The Tangled […]

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Would You Get Over A Small Fear If It DOUBLED Your Sales?

1 in 10,000 sales professionals are currently using video in their sales process. That’s not a fact, but it’s my honest estimate after 7 years in this business. So might ask yourself, Why, with such proven results, aren’t more sales professionals opting to use video in their repertoire? The answer isn’t quite what you’d expect… […]

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Case Study: 3 Quick Steps From Average Joe To Video Maverick

So, immediately after a phone call with a referral, Tony sends a video message. This practice is called “The Digital Handshake.” Tony’s been getting great responses and results… And few days ago, Tony asked me how he could take it to the next level. Usually, my clients ask me to keep these consultations confidential. However, […]

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Use This SIMPLE Framing Technique To Look Like a Pro When Using a Webcam

Whether you are sending a video email, creating a video-based nurture campaign, or producing videos for your website or blog – you will get better results from your videos with this simple framing technique. I’m using a Manafrotto tripod MKC3-H01 which costs around $50 through Amazon or The tripod is lightweight (2.5lbs) and has […]

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